For those who don’t know Kingsman: The Secret Service is in my top 10 favorite movies of all time, it probably makes the list at number 10 but I absolutely love that movie and what Matthew Vaughn, one of the best directors in Hollywood, did with it. Well the sequel is coming out in September of this year and I cannot wait! Kingsman did something very rare in terms of changing a certain genre of film. For so long spy movies were either extremely serious, like the recent 007 films although they are really good, or they are extremely goofy even though they have a serious tone like the Mission Impossible movies. Kingsman did something cool and made spy movies fun again but not goofy. Kingsman had the perfect blend of comedy, action and realness in terms of the situation they the main characters had to deal with. SPOILERS!!! In Kingsman: The Secret Service the villain played by the great Samuel L. Jackson creates an app that when turned on drives people into a fit of rage and causes them to try to kill other people or themselves. The concept seems wacky but one, technology is advancing so face that people depend on apps to basically function for the day, and two, to the people who say thats dumb that would never happen well they said a psychotic money hungry billionaire would never be president of the United States would never be president and look what we have now huh. Anyway the trailer looks amazing. It feels like they gave Matthew Vaughn more of a budget because the action set pieces in this movie are on a much bigger scale. The movie stars, Taron Egerton reprising his role as Eggsy, Mark Strong, academy award winner Colin Firth, Sophie Cookso,  academy award winner Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Narcos’ own Pedro Pascal.