I have the power!!! He-Man and The Masters of The Universe is getting a live action reboot. He-Man actually to those who don’t know or were to young to have known had a live action movie back in the 80’s starring Dolph Lungren. If you have a chance to watch it you should, it is probably the most 80’s movie I have ever seen outside of Back to the Future. The only difference is Back to the Future is a film classic and a lot of people’s favorite movies and Masters of the Universe was… yeah you get my point. Anyway MCG best know for Charlie’s Angels and We Are Marshall was planned to direct this movie while David S. Goyer, one of the men behind the whole DC Extended Universe, is also planned to write the script. David Goyer is still attached to the film but MCG is not. According to EW, “McG, who has been on board to direct the long-discussed Masters of the Universe reboot since early 2016, is no longer attached to the movie and Sony is meeting with directors.. While the studio looks for new leadership behind the camera, EW has confirmed that Sony has scheduled the movie for a Dec. 18, 2019 release”. Kellen Lutz best known for his roles in Twilight and the bomb The Legend of Hercules is rumored to star. I can already smell a flop in the air.