Sony Pictures is back at it again and this time they are apparently making a Venom solo movie that will be outside of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. To the casual fan this sound like an awesome idea, and it is… But, there’s a catch to it. This Venom movie will not feature or even give mention to Spider-Man. To anyone who reads comics or saw the terrible movie Spider-Man 3 released in 2007 they will know that Spider-Man has a large importance in the very existence.

For those who don’t know, Venom is a character who first appeared in Spider-Man comics. He has been seen as a villain, anti-hero and hero, but he comes about as a result of Spider-Man coming into contact with a symbiotic alien organism that increases Spider-Man’s powers but at the cost of messing with his psyche and ruining his personal life. As a result Spider-Man gets rid of the symbiote, and the symbiote then finds a new host in Eddie Brock a professional rival of Peter Parker who’s life was ruined by Peter while Peter was being controlled by the symbiote. The symbiote and Brock both vow vengeance on Spider-Man and begin calling themselves (because Eddie Brock and the symbiote see themselves as one being refers to them self as we instead of I) Venom.

Now, with that history given to you, you now know how important Spider-Man is to this character. So if Spider-Man didn’t exist Venom would not exist, it would be like having a movie about Luke Skywalker but saying that Darth Vader doesn’t exist, it just doesn’t work. Now can Sony get past this, sure. But will it work now that Spider-Man is in the MCU and this movie takes place outside the MCU? I’ll bet money that it doesn’t.

Sony and Marvel made a historic deal to share the character of Spider-Man and all the characters associated with him but that contract with Marvel runs out after a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. So many fans have suggested that this Venom movie is a contingency plan for Sony, because of the failing film sector of their company, they see this a plan just in case they don’t get the deal they want with Marvel after the shared contract runs out they can pull the character and make this Venom movie and probably recast Spider-Man for the 4th time in the last 15 years.

Venom is currently scheduled to release in 2018.