The second review for the three movies is here and it’s the very popular Get Out. Get Out is a film directed, written and produced by Jordan Peele. For anyone who didn’t know of Jordan Peele was before Get Out, Jordan Peele was one half of the comedy juggernaut known as Key and Peele,  with Keegan Michael-Key. Their show Key and Peele ran for five seasons on Comedy Central but their skits from the show really found a home on youtube. After the show ended both Key and Peele made the movie Keanu, which is comedy gold if I might add. But now Keegan Michael-Key is off acting in things like the upcoming Predator reboot and Jordan Peele is now trying his fair share behind the camera, and so far he’s a genius.

Get Out is a horror movie masterpiece in my eyes. Even though it doesn’t have a whole lot of scare the crap out of you moments in it, it does have a sense of this could happen to anyone. Get Out is about an interracial couple going to meet the woman’s parents for the weekend. Simple enough plot right? But the plot to this movie is so deep that you either have to be really attentive or see the movie twice to get all the hints and Easter eggs given out throughout the movie.

The actors in the movie, Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Lil Rel Howery, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener, Caleb Jones, Betty Gabriel, LaKeith Stanfield, and Marcus Henderson all were amazing in the film. Every actor had their moment and you didn’t know what each characters roles were in the film until it happened, like the foreshadowing was so deep, but now deep in a bad way. The comedy in the movie was the right amount, Lil Rel Howery was amazing and he basically had the same thought process as every normal person that was in the theater watching.

I really have zero problems with this movies as a whole. I do though have just one knit picky problem and that is that the movie felt too short personally. If the movie were maybe ten to fifteen minutes longer it would be the perfect horror movie in my opinion.

Overall, Get Out is a fantastic movie which deserves to go been seen again and again and again.