The prologue/mini trailer for Alien Covenant was release yesterday entitled The Last Supper. The prologue trailer was actually really good. I enjoyed the character interaction between the characters that were shown just from that mini clip. And I found it pretty cool that they entitled the whole prologue, The Last Supper. It kind of gives a feeling that this might be the last time you see most if not all these characters again happy and safe on the screen again. I particularly am not a big fan of the Alien franchise, I did though enjoy the first Alien that Ridley Scott made. When they tried to like get all weird and go Alien vs Predator that was when I had had enough of those movies. And then Prometheus , that I didn’t know was a prequel to the whole Alien mythos came out.

Prometheus to me, and you can disagree with me that’s fine, but to me is one of the worst movies I had ever seen. There were so many plot holes and illogical things that happened. For example, if you had found and ancient alien planet and found out that their might be life on it would you go around touching stuff before you found out if they were deadly or not? The reason the¬†verisimilitude was so weak was because the movie assumed you knew these characters, but if you were like myself and didn’t even know this was an alien prequel you had no attachment to them, therefor when the characters did certain actions, the audience particularly myself were quick to call bs.

Alien Covenant is apparently a prequel to the prequel of Prometheus which is a prequel to Alien. Personally there is nowhere to go but up with these movies, and Ridley Scott as of late has been very hit or miss with his movies, so we shall see how Alien Covenant turns out. But as of right now I’m pretty stoked for it.