According to the Hollywood Reporter Mel Gibson is in early talks to direct Suicide Squad 2. No official offer has been made but the rumor is Mel Gibson sees Suicide Squad 2 as a challenge to resurrect the once promising franchise. Suicide Squad for those who don’t know, don’t care, or like me didn’t want to see the movie but the inner nerd in them wouldn’t allow themselves to not go see the movie, is about a rag tag team of criminals, all for the most part imprisoned by Batman, that are brought together by the government to take down a treat too big for the government and in return for completing this mission the criminals get a couple of years taken of each of their sentences. But if any of them try to run, there are bombs implanted in their necks that will explode if they try to leave. This sounds like a pretty cool concept for a great summer movie until you realize the team brought together is, a crazy woman with a baseball bat, a master sniper (essentially), a cannibalistic crocodile man, a guy with boomerangs, a military officer, a woman with a sword that traps souls that apparently doesn’t speak at all, a guy with fire powers who doesn’t want to use his powers at all, oh and a guy who can climb really fast. And all these individuals come together to fight a evil powerful sorceress who can manipulate magical energy and wishes to enslave the earth. Yeah I’m sure you can see the problem with a crazy person with a bat going up against a crazy female version of doctor strange. Oh and The Joker is in it for like 5 minutes.

Anyway Suicide Squad 2 isn’t even green light nor does it have a release date so all of these are suspected rumors at this point. DC and Warner bros have also reportedly  approached Daniel Espinosa, who is known for the movies Child 44 and the upcoming Life staring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson, which I have to say looks really good based of the trailer I saw during the Super Bowl this year. Suicide Squad currently sits with a 26% on rotten tomatoes so a sequel is probably something no one wants. But if Mel Gibson wants to take a shot at it and actually make it good I have no problem with it at all.