Na na na na na na na Batman! Welp Ben Affleck is no longer directing, “The Batman” that is supposedly going to come out in 2018 which will be apart of the larger DCEU (DC Extended Universe). At this point the DCEU is in major havoc. After the mixed reception to Man of Steel, which I personally liked but didn’t love, Batman v Superman, which was garbage, and Suicide Squad, which no one ever needs to mention ever… And I mean Ever! Now the hunt is on for a new director to the project which Affleck is still set to star in as Batman, even with his contract for playing Batman being movie by movie. The question remains who will direct The Batman, and will Ben Affleck step down as Batman if Justice League ends up being utter garbage, which, from early reports that I’ve seen on the internet say that it’s pretty bad. I on the other hand don’t really believe movie reviews and go make my own judgement for myself. For, example the movie John Carter that came out back in 2012 had terrible reviews but I actually really liked that movie and the world it brought to life, while on the other hand the movie Brooklyn that came out 2015 was nominated for 3 Academy Awards and I thought that movie was so boring…. So my judgement for Justice League and Wonder Woman, which I’m very excited for, will be left to when I actually see the movie. Personally though If Ben Affleck leaves completely, they should just reboot the whole universe and start from scratch. Blow it up. Ben Affleck is getting paid the most out of anyone cast as a DC hero or villain and he’s easily the biggest name other than J.K Simmons, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons and Willem Dafoe who are all in supporting roles. So, if Affleck leaves you have to recast Batman and that causes problems all in it’s self. The best that Warner Bros can hope for is Wonder Woman and Justice League to be good and best. It doesn’t even have to be great or amazing, ok literally keeps all the water for swamping the boat.

Now the question is who will direct “The Batman”? Personally I would like to see Gareth Evans direct. If you don’t know who Gareth Evans is go watch The Raid and The Raid: Redemption. But Chris Terrio is taking over writing treatments for The Batman for Affleck and Geoff Johns who is a acclaimed comic book writer and producer. So yeah I have no hope.