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Ben Affleck is No Longer Directing “The Batman”

Na na na na na na na Batman! Welp Ben Affleck is no longer directing, “The Batman” that is supposedly going to come out in 2018 which will be apart of the larger DCEU (DC Extended Universe). At this point the DCEU is in major havoc. After the mixed reception to Man of Steel, which I personally liked but didn’t love, Batman v Superman, which was garbage, and Suicide Squad, which no one ever needs to mention ever… And I mean Ever! Now the hunt is on for a new director to the project which Affleck is still set to star in as Batman, even with his contract for playing Batman being movie by movie. The question remains who will direct The Batman, and will Ben Affleck step down as Batman if Justice League ends up being utter garbage, which, from early reports that I’ve seen on the internet say that it’s pretty bad. I on the other hand don’t really believe movie reviews and go make my own judgement for myself. For, example the movie John Carter that came out back in 2012 had terrible reviews but I actually really liked that movie and the world it brought to life, while on the other hand the movie Brooklyn that came out 2015 was nominated for 3 Academy Awards and I thought that movie was so boring…. So my judgement for Justice League and Wonder Woman, which I’m very excited for, will be left to when I actually see the movie. Personally though If Ben Affleck leaves completely, they should just reboot the whole universe and start from scratch. Blow it up. Ben Affleck is getting paid the most out of anyone cast as a DC hero or villain and he’s easily the biggest name other than J.K Simmons, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons and Willem Dafoe who are all in supporting roles. So, if Affleck leaves you have to recast Batman and that causes problems all in it’s self. The best that Warner Bros can hope for is Wonder Woman and Justice League to be good and best. It doesn’t even have to be great or amazing, ok literally keeps all the water for swamping the boat.

Now the question is who will direct “The Batman”? Personally I would like to see Gareth Evans direct. If you don’t know who Gareth Evans is go watch The Raid and The Raid: Redemption. But Chris Terrio is taking over writing treatments for The Batman for Affleck and Geoff Johns who is a acclaimed comic book writer and producer. So yeah I have no hope.

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The reviews for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 are out

Spoiler ahead! If you don’t want this movie spoiled for you, don’t read any further. Now, if you are still here this is a blog concerning the reviews about the upcoming film Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2. The reviews for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 are out and the consensus is that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is not better than the first one but it is still a good movie. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the golden gems in the superhero genre. It was about to perfectly balance comedy and action. The effects weren’t over whelming and the story most importantly was very good. The Guardians of The Galaxy in the comics were for the most part a bunch of C list superheroes coming together to make a C list superhero team. But with the far exposure in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has made them household names and now The Guardians are have gone from C list superheroes to A list heroes over a span of a couple of years. According to, “(James) Gunn gives back some of his hard-earned chips for a good two-thirds of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, only to win a big final pot in a rousing third act (maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best), leaving the much-anticipated sequel a slightly-off key, but ultimately successful next link in Hollywood’s longest winning streak.. A good deal of Vol. 2 feels the same. It just isn’t as original and disarming as the first time even though you really want it to be.” I feel as if most movie sequels are never as good are the original it’s always the 3rd movie, if there is a 3rd movie. But, it is great to hear that none the less it is a good movie and at the end of the day I think that is what everyone wants, a good movie.

WWE owner set for his own biopic

WWE owner and architect Vince McMahon is set to have a biopic made about him. For those who don’t know Vince McMahon is the owner of the WWE. His father created the company and he took over after his death and has lead the company since through the attitude era with wrestling icons like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold Steve Austin and to the modern era with people like John Cena and Mike ” The Miz” Mizanin. According to The Sun, “The movie – which looks to have the WWE owner’s blessing – will be directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra and released by Sony Pictures… His own studio will be involved and will show his rise up to the top of the wrestling business with the company that is now the biggest promotion in the world… It was chart the early days of his grandfather starting up, his dad’s control and then Vince taking over and turning the company into a global brand. Vince, 71, grew up in a trailer park with his mother in North Carolina and did not have contact with his father until he was 12. McMahon’s influence and the superstar’s he brought through are also expected to be shown in the feature.” Personally this should be a great biopic. Vince McMahon is truly a rags to riches story. And the way he swooped the company from under his father’s nose, a father by the way who wanted nothing to do with him and essentially gave him a job out of pity, will make for almost a Game of Thrones type story. I am really excited for this if its set to happen.

Back to The Future Director in talks direct The Flash solo movie

The flash may have a new director and he has a pretty amazing resume. Robert Zemeckis director of such classics as Back to The Future, Cast Away, Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, one of the greatest American movies of all time Forrest Gump, and 2007’s Beowulf. This man has been apart of some amazing movies as a director but even more so as a writer and producer with movies like, 1941, The Polar Express, Real Steel, Flight,  and the classic Contact. Him taking over for The Flash solo movie after Justice League would be the best thing ever for the DC Extended Universe which to date its best movie is still the divisive Man of Steel. The Flash is a light hearted character so Zemeckis would be the perfect fit for him plus he has experience with time traveling movies and time travel is very much a thing The Flash can do. For those who don’t know The Flash is a superhero who after being struck by lighting he gains the ability to run faster than the speed of light and eventually become fast enough to run back in time and to the future as well. According to Screenrant, “After losing two previous directors, Warner Bros. and DC’s The Flash may end up the better for it as a new rumor reports Back to the Future‘s Robert Zemeckis is in talks to helm the film. Back when DC and WB first announced their plans for a shared universe, this year’s Justice League was meant to be followed by films focusing on the Flash and Cyborg. Unfortunately, things behind the scenes at DC have been rocky. The Batman has had a number of creative shakeups, Shazam‘s Dwayne Johnson will now star in a separate Black Adam movie, and Cyborg has had very little movement.” Fingers crossed that they can keep this director because Rick Famuyiwa is also a amazing director stepped down because of creative differences.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer Drops

For those who don’t know Kingsman: The Secret Service is in my top 10 favorite movies of all time, it probably makes the list at number 10 but I absolutely love that movie and what Matthew Vaughn, one of the best directors in Hollywood, did with it. Well the sequel is coming out in September of this year and I cannot wait! Kingsman did something very rare in terms of changing a certain genre of film. For so long spy movies were either extremely serious, like the recent 007 films although they are really good, or they are extremely goofy even though they have a serious tone like the Mission Impossible movies. Kingsman did something cool and made spy movies fun again but not goofy. Kingsman had the perfect blend of comedy, action and realness in terms of the situation they the main characters had to deal with. SPOILERS!!! In Kingsman: The Secret Service the villain played by the great Samuel L. Jackson creates an app that when turned on drives people into a fit of rage and causes them to try to kill other people or themselves. The concept seems wacky but one, technology is advancing so face that people depend on apps to basically function for the day, and two, to the people who say thats dumb that would never happen well they said a psychotic money hungry billionaire would never be president of the United States would never be president and look what we have now huh. Anyway the trailer looks amazing. It feels like they gave Matthew Vaughn more of a budget because the action set pieces in this movie are on a much bigger scale. The movie stars, Taron Egerton reprising his role as Eggsy, Mark Strong, academy award winner Colin Firth, Sophie Cookso,  academy award winner Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Narcos’ own Pedro Pascal.

He-Man and The Masters of The Universe is getting a reboot!

I have the power!!! He-Man and The Masters of The Universe is getting a live action reboot. He-Man actually to those who don’t know or were to young to have known had a live action movie back in the 80’s starring Dolph Lungren. If you have a chance to watch it you should, it is probably the most 80’s movie I have ever seen outside of Back to the Future. The only difference is Back to the Future is a film classic and a lot of people’s favorite movies and Masters of the Universe was… yeah you get my point. Anyway MCG best know for Charlie’s Angels and We Are Marshall was planned to direct this movie while David S. Goyer, one of the men behind the whole DC Extended Universe, is also planned to write the script. David Goyer is still attached to the film but MCG is not. According to EW, “McG, who has been on board to direct the long-discussed Masters of the Universe reboot since early 2016, is no longer attached to the movie and Sony is meeting with directors.. While the studio looks for new leadership behind the camera, EW has confirmed that Sony has scheduled the movie for a Dec. 18, 2019 release”. Kellen Lutz best known for his roles in Twilight and the bomb The Legend of Hercules is rumored to star. I can already smell a flop in the air.

Will Smith in Talks to play The Genie in Aladdin!

I think everyone has a favorite Disney movie. For me personally I rank them in this order, Lion King first, Tarzan coming second, and Aladdin third. So you can tell that when I heard that Will Smith is in talks to play the iconic Genie that I was pretty excited. Will Smith known for great movies like Independence Day, Six Degrees of Separation, Bad Boys, I Robot, I Am Legend and Concussion has a very distinctive voice that I think could provide something awesome to the character of The Genie that the late great Robin Williams once did. Disney is planning to remake most of their iconic Disney movies into live action and so far some have been hit and miss. Like Jungle Book was definitely a hit but Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast in my opinion were definitely a miss. According to Rotten Tomatoes, “In previous updates about Disney’s live-action remake of their 1992 animated hit Aladdin, surprisingly little was revealed about the movie’s most popular character, the Genie, originally voiced by the late Robin Williams. Yes, there were stories a few years ago about a possible movie called Genies, all about them, but since this live-action version started taking off, the focus has been on the two leads. And that’s the thing; the lead characters of Aladdin are actually Aladdin and Jasmine (for whom an international casting call was recently held). Well, this week, we learned that Disney is in talks with a very big star to take over the mile-a-minute, stream-of-consciousness that Robin Williams started, and it’s Will Smith… recently been talking to Disney about playing the villain in their new Dumbo, but this is arguably (or even, obviously) a much bigger deal. Aladdin is going to be directed by Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes), and filming is scheduled to start in the U.K. in July. There’s no release date yet, but the timing suggests that it will probably be sometime in 2019. Will Smith is also the first actor mentioned for any Aladdin role.” Fingers crossed that Aladdin is a hit and not a miss.

Deadpool and other X-Men properties coming out in 2018

Deadpool was one of 2016’s smash hits. Personally, I loved the movie but I am not a huge fan of the character but I can appreciate what he brings and what this movie actually did for comic book movies in terms of allowing comic book movies to go full on sex, blood and guts and get that R rating. Other movies have done it before like Dredd and Spawn and even to an extent Blade but never to the success of Deadpool. The sequel is shaping up to be one of 2018’s most anticipated movies, with Ryan Reynolds set to reprise his role as, “The Merc with a Mouth”. This movie will feature though Cable, who is Deadpool’s best friend who essential the child of X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey plus he’s like half cyborg and from the future. Josh Brolin, who is also the voice to Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been cast to play Cable. Reynolds is also tapped to produce again. But Deadpool isn’t the only movie coming out in 2018 from the X-Men universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Next year is going to be jam-packed in terms of Fox superhero titles: New Mutants will open April 13, 2018, while Dark Phoenix hits cinemas on Nov. 2. New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone, follows a young team of superheroes, while Dark Phoenix will revisit a classic comic book storyline that saw Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) become the host for the Phoenix Force, a cosmic entity that eventually drives her to becoming a destructive force that ultimately leads to her death. Longtime X-Men writer and producer Simon Kinberg is a top contender to direct the project, which is a follow-up to 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse.” So it is safe to say that 2018 will be the year for X-Men movies.

Thor director is making a movie about Michael Jackson’s pet Chimp

Taika Waititi, director of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok is creating a movie about Michael Jackson’s one-time pet Bubbles. I know what you’re thinking… Where do they come up with this stuff and the answer to that is nobody knows. According to, “The movie will be a stop motion animation and, pegged as a “coming-of-age” story, Bubbles will be told in the vein of Anomalisa, which came from the same production company Starburns Industries and dealt with loneliness and the human condition.
“It’s an idea that fascinates me and one I want to develop further,” said Waititi of Bubbles. “Most people know I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, so the main thing for me is to make sure it’s respectful of him and his legacy.
“I’m not interested in making a biopic; I want to focus on telling a story that blends fact and fantasy, about an animal trying to make sense of the world.
“This film is not about Michael Jackson because that’s not a story for me to tell — or a story I’d be comfortable telling — it’s about a chimpanzee’s fascinating journey through the complex jungle of human life.” This sounds as absurd as a movie can get, but you can no longer complain about getting movies like this anymore. With movies like Transformers, a movie about cars that turn into alien robots that were based on toys, The Angry Birds Movie, a movie thats based on an app and now there’s a movie about EMOJI’S! So this movie about Michael Jackson’s pet Bubbles is feasible.

The Fate of The Furious Review

Today I will be writing review on the seemingly never ending Fast and Furious franchise’s latest installment, The Fate of The Furious. The Fate of The Furious is the 8th installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. Overall, I would recommend you go see this movie if you just want a movie where you can turn off your brain for a hour or 2. The Fate of the Furious is a ok movie, its an action extravaganza but in my opinion this isn’t even the best in the franchise. That crowing belongs to Fast Five which is probably the best in the series and one of the first movies in modern Hollywood to have a connected universe. It was one of the first movies, even before avengers, in modern Hollywood that connected multiple movies to a singular movies that had all the characters in those movies in that one movie and had them play significant parts. On the other Fate of the Furious doesn’t add anything new to Hollywood other than seeing another way you can have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Bech press something that human beings should not be able to lift. Literally there is one scene in the movie where The Rock pulls a concert chair that is attached to a cell wall out of the wall and start doing bicep curls. The star of this movie is Charlize Theron who carries this movie from beginning to end. She plays the villain of the film and really sells it as a terrorist hacker with a grudge against rogue government’s. At the end of the day I would say that Fate of the Furious is a fun film. It’s not the best movie in the franchise but its not the worse and the action is fun to watch. If I had to rank all the Fast and Furious I would rank them in this order, 5,3,1,8,6,7,4,2.

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